December 14 CCW Renewal Class

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When should you sign up?

90 days before your Permit expires is the earliest you can sign up with the Stanislaus County Sheriff. But you can take our class earlier if you'd like because Certificate of completion is valid for 6 months with Stanislaus S.O.

As of April 11th, 2019. Sheriff Dirkse has implemented a new policy that you must apply with Sheriff office before your permit expires or you will need to start over.

Here is the new qualification for Stanislaus County to help you prepare.

CCW Minimum Qualification req. by Stanislaus County.
16 Rounds Total 
100% Pass Rate (16 of 16) 
Limited to 3 attempts ( If you fail with that gun, you must wait 30 days to re-qualify per sheriff requirement )
From Low Ready 

Rounds             Distance            Time             Location                  Hand             
    3                  3 Feet                4 sec           Center mass        Strong hand only
    3                  3 Feet                4 sec           Center mass        Support hand only
    1                  3 yards               3 sec                Head              Two handed
    1                  3 yards               3 sec                Head              Two handed
    3                  3 yards               4 sec           Center mass       Two handed
    5                  5 yards               5 sec           Center mass       Two handed

Required Equipment

  • As of January 1st, 2019 (penal code section 26165).  You must qualify with all guns that are listed on permit.
  • All guns for renewal will be drawn from the range bag vs. holster, since most have more than one gun on permit. This allows for quicker completion times per gun.
    • Magazine holster is recommended.
    • Must have 2 magazines per gun. 3 is best.
    • Bring 50 rounds per gun going on permit. 
    • Revolvers must have 2 speed loaders.
    • Hearing (preferably electronic) and Eye protection.
    • List of make, model, serial number of guns qualifying with.
    • lunch/snacks to eat during class as lecture and shooting goes until approximately 2pm.
    • $5 per additional gun. Bring cash to day of class.


      We do mix Initials with Renewals on some months for the lecture. FYI


      • Class starts out with very well explained applicable laws for everyday use.
      • Firearm Safety

      1230-1300 Lunch Break.

      1300 till approximately 1400.

      • Mental Conditions
      • Range safety

      1400- 1500. Shooting skills test. 

      • It will take approximately 30 additional mins/gun on permit if passed first time.


        • We are not responsible for the weather, if bays are slippery and/or flooded or other acts of God, a new date will be scheduled.
        • We are not responsible for those who wait until the 6 month deadline to complete the class.
        • No special accommodation will be made for those who cannot meet with the rest of the class.
        • You can choose to join the next scheduled class if the rescheduled class does not work for you.