Advanced CCW Class November 12th, 2022

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The Advanced CCW Class course teaches marksmanship fundamentals, pistol manipulation, movement, use of cover, fighting from unusual positions, ground gun fighting and concealed carry techniques. This course will be challenging and will enable you to use the handgun as an effective defensive tool. Wear your normal concealed carry clothing.  You must have a current ccw permit.


Required Equipment:

Stiff holsters only. No exceptions for safety.

 Good quality holster may save your life.

Don't risk it with cheap quality!! There are many good holsters $35 and up.

Plastic/Kydex, hybrid holsters, hard leather only. You must be able to draw and reholster gun without having to help reopen.

Nylon or soft leather will not be allowed. Please don't get upset when we say no, too many issues in the past leading us to enforce this.


Magazine holster

3 magazines

Revolvers must have 3 speed loaders.


-Hearing (preferably electronic) and Eye protection.